DOT CONSULTING SERVICES FOR West Odessa, Odessa & Midland, TX

Specializing in DOT consulting, Fore Safety can provide you with highly trained US DOT FMCSR consultants as needed and to ensure you meet all FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) compliance needs. We are proud to assist companies throughout the West Odessa, Odessa & Midland, TX areas. Call us today to register your training!


Mock DOT Compliance Reviews – Just like DOT, we can help you perform the audit of your office. The mock reports at the end of the audit will give you an overview of the DOT fines that you can possibly incur. Furthermore, we’ll cohesively assist you with creating a plan of action to correct these problems.

Audit Rating Upgrade - If you’ve gotten an unfavorable DOT rating like conditional or unsatisfactory, don’t worry; it can be fixed. However, time is of the essence here. Call our DOT consultants right away to help you with audit rating upgrade.

Onsite Training - We can design your onsite training program according to your company’s needs. In this training program, we will train your team on everything and anything about DOT to ensure that your company becomes DOT compliant. This includes: Accident Records, Drug & Alcohol Testing records, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance files, Hazardous materials records, Driver Hours of service, Driver Qualification files setup and retention and Mock Audits.

Seminars for DOT Compliance Training - As FMCSA continues to update and change its regulations, these seminars are the best way to keep abreast with the amended regulations. Our consultants will help you decipher correct interpretations of the new regulations and what they mean.

Driver Training - According to the regulations, drivers must take a couple of training courses. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t train your drivers frequently. Under our services for DOT consulting we can provide your drivers with training in conjunction with OSHA training. We can train them on issues like hours of service, vehicle inspections, OSHA safety meetings, D&A awareness and cargo rollover.

Review of Hours of Service - We can audit your logs/time sheets as required for compliance. Third party monthly auditing is the best way to ensure hours of service and stay compliant.

Driver Processing and File Maintenance - At Fore Safety, we understand that the changing regulations and driver shortages can make it difficult for you to stay compliant and recruit quality drivers. But don’t worry; we have a proven system in place that actually works. Let us handle whatever your needs may be on a flat fee/driver basis and find you well-qualified and completely trained drivers.