RESPIRATOR FIT TESTING FOR West Odessa, Odessa & Midland, TX

Respirator Fit Testing checks the seal between the respirator's face piece and the face of the person wearing it. Typically, it takes about 15-20 minutes to perform, and recommended annually at minimum. Once the test is passed, the person must wear the exact make, model, size, and style respirator used in the test.

A fit test is not the same as a user seal check, which is a quick check performed by the person wearing it just prior to putting it on. The seal check merely tests to see whether the respirator is in proper position.

There are two types of fit tests: qualitative and quantitative.

We're proud to offer both of these tests to the West Odessa, Odessa & Midland, TX areas. Contact our team today to register!


This test uses a pass/fail method and the user's senses of taste and smell. However, it does not measure just how much of something is leaking. And furthermore, the sole condition for passing or failing is whether the user detects a leak into their face piece. The four qualitative fit test methods approved by OSHA are the following:
• Isoamyl acetate (smells like banana)
• Saccharin (sweet taste)
• Bitrex (bitter taste)
• Irritant smoke (causes coughing)

This test is normally done on half-mask respirators, or ones that only cover the nose and mouth. However, they include both filtering or "N95" respirators and elastomeric ones.


This test uses a machine to measure exactly how much of something is leaking into a facepiece, not relying on a person's senses of smell and taste. These respirators have a probe attached that connects to the machine with a hose. There are three OSHA-accepted quantitative fit test methods:
• Generated aerosol
• Ambient aerosol
• Controlled negative pressure

This test can be performed on any type of tight-fitting respirator.


The experienced staff at Fore Safety can handle both qualitative and quantitative fit testing on any type of respirator, including N95s, half-face models, and full-face models. We can perform the tests right on your jobsite, so there's no need to pick up travel costs for employees. Once the testing is completed, we will provide you with both digital and hard copies of the test records.

All tests are performed by a NIOSH-certified technician.